Fagus Wooden Car Toys

 Little moon + arrow is constantly searching for new and beautiful items to fill our shop with, especially for parents seeking out unique toys. We knew we had to get these perfect wooden cars for little moon + arrow.

These fantastic award-winning wooden cars and trucks by Fagus give children the chance to play with toys that remind their parents of their favorite childhood cars. Fagus, meaning Beech in Latin is a unique company that makes their toys explicitly without nails, screws, or staples. These perfect wheeled toys are interlocked and dowelled together perfectly by skilled carpenters. Many of the Fagus trucks and cars we now have in the shop have won the “Spiel Gut” Award for good toy design. This award is given to makers that create toys with education and play value in mind. Come by the shop at 729 s 4th street Philadelphia, PA 19145 or online to check these beautifully made wooden cars.