Bi-Weekly Meditation Class for Parents
Bi-Weekly Meditation Class for Parents

Bi-Weekly Meditation Class for Parents

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Starting on July 28th Little Moon + Arrow will be hosting a bi-weekly meditation class for parents by Haylee Warner, a Trauma Sensitive yoga and meditation instructor.

This 45 minute meditation session will offer the tools to calm a frustrated or exhausted parents’ mind and body.  Meditation is proven to lower stress levels and blood pressure, while increasing empathy and compassion.

Online tickets are $12

Haylee is a movement and meditation instructor, and an aspiring Ayurveda Holistic Health Counselor in Philadelphia. She has a regular, personal meditation practice, and has taught at various local businesses through Do it Better Wellness.
Haylee believes that meditation is a way to reconnect with our body and mind, while also providing a grounded calm perspective in which to view our life. 
She says, "Meditation, for me, has been a way into conflict resolution. If we can view our shadow side with compassion, we can more easily see the root of our concern, and from there be able to communicate them more effectively."
Haylee completed a 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training in 2013 from The Yoga Garden, in Philadelphia.  
Since then she has received a Pediatric yoga certification from Summit Education, completed a 150 hour Advanced Training from Palo Santo Wellness Boutique, and in January 2017 Haylee took a foundation course in trauma sensitive yoga through Transformation Yoga Project.
Haylee is currently studying at Ayurveda's World NYC to complete a Holistic Health Counseling Certification.