Gera Bloga

Pullover Sweater 12-18 Months

Soft and sweet beige baby sweater with fair isle pattern.
You’ve probably heard that “tummy time” is essential so that babies can learn to push up and eventually crawl — but if your little one fusses and cries when you put him on his belly, what can you do? The best thing you can do is join your baby on the floor. Encourage him, talk with him, shake his rattle, make funny faces, play peek-a-boo. Just be sure you dress your little one property – it’s hard work by itself, he doesn’t need to get cold lying on the floor. Hand knitted in 100% alpaca wool. Good to know that the yarn is untreated, which means they are only washed and not exposed to any chemical treatment before the dying. It is very soft against the skin, and it is not just ideal in cold weather conditions, but it protects the child’s body from overheating when it is warm too.
This cardigan is hand-wash only.
12-18 Months

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