Coral Reef Toy


The Playful Coral Reef is versatile and will inspire playfulness in all ages! It will stimulate children visually and mentally with the simple design and lovely colors. The wooden coral reef toy will inspire your child through nature. The natural wood texture will create a tactile experience bringing kids closer to nature. The beautiful colors come from a certified non-toxic water based dye.   

Toddlers will stack, build and sort allowing sensory play great for development. When the children are older, they can create an underwater world, build caves, tunnels, fences, houses for their little friends.   Building amazing sculptures will come naturally, this toy is perfect for imaginative play. The object itself is a beautiful object, allowing your children to have an appreciation for unique handcrafted objects . This toy adds an element of fantasy to playtime. Beautifully combines with other Grimm’s stackers, blocks & elements. This toy also looks great on the shelf! 

7 pieces. Materials: linden (lime) wood, non-toxic water based color stain. Size: length almost 8 inches, height 6 inches, depth 2.4 inches. Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified, meaning you can be confident the wood products you are buying were specially harvested to protect the forests’ biodiversity and ecological health.

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