Chalkboard Notebook Paper B5


This light and thin Paper Chalkboard is portable. Take it with you everywhere you go! It is a great treat for long trips to keep your kids entertained for hours. Allows them to create freely. Also a great prop for birthday parties, baby showers, and more! Perfect with our dustless chalk! 

How to use: To break-in and smooth your chalk board the first time you use it, gently rub chalk over the whole surface. You can then erase with a tissue or eraser. To thoroughly clean the chalkboard surface, use a damp cloth. 

Made in Japan 

Japanese brand, Nihon Rikagaku, makes the award-winning Kitpas crayons, dustless chalks, face paints and blackboards beloved by families around the world. The innovative company has an excellent social conscience and always aims to produce quality products that are not only kind to the people that use them, but also the earth. With the majority of their workforce made up of people with learning difficulties, they also focus on creating happiness and security through job opportunities.

Images from Kitpas 

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